что лучше dyson или kirby

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Что лучше dyson или kirby перестал работать пылесос дайсон

Что лучше dyson или kirby

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Then in the bag chamber, most of the heavy dirt falls into the bagless dirt chamber while the rest of the dirt is carried out to hit the last filter. So, most of the dirt never reaches the last filter, but it still has a filter that dirt and air have to push through. The bad news is that I counted 7 different seals on the Dyson vacuum. I assume there are so many seals so that you can take the vacuum apart if it clogs I cant think of any other reason.

The other bad news is they are not the tightest seals. The Kirby does have 2 seals outside the bag chamber, but they are very tight. The Kirby is not sold in stores or retail. There are some dealers who take the risk of trying to sell some new ones on eBay or sell to someone else who will sell them on eBay. However, Kirby is usually pretty proactive about finding out who is doing that against the rules and shutting them down.

So aside from that, if you want to buy a new Kirby with the Kirby warranty you will have to buy from a Kirby salesman directly. He will come to your home and demonstrate the vacuum for you. So, a lot of Kirby salespeople are young and a lot are college-aged. They will do a lot to get a sale.

Because of that some people have a bad image of Kirby. For example, go to google and type in "Kirby Vacuum" and see what the first page is that comes up. Sometimes there are some bad reviews on salespeople. However, many Kirby salesmen are very professional and courteous. The Dyson on the other hand, is everywhere. It is in most independent vacuum shops, most big box stores, on the internet and it is even on eBay. If you look on eBay, there are tons of brand new, in-the-box Dysons for sale.

Even some of their authorized internet dealers sell on eBay. So, just about everyone has access to buy a Dyson vacuum. Most never admit it, but if it looks good they will buy it. So, think about it. You go to Wal-mart and go to the vacuum aisle. You see about 10 plastic vacuums displayed. You know absolutely nothing about vacuums and no one is there to demonstrate them to you.

Usually what happens is your last vacuum was the cheap one that only lasted 2 years or so , broke down, and you want a better vacuum. So, you are looking for a better vacuum, then you see the Dyson and it looks cool. So, when James Dyson was building the Dyson I believe he understood this and knew he had to make it visually appealing. However, Dyson was the first one to market it.

Vacuum is very visually appealing. The Dyson looks really cool and new age. They are geniuses at it. With the newest model of Kirby, they have done a good job of modernizing it. The Dyson has this new bagless system like no other vacuum. It looks very modern and very new age. It has all these tubes and looks very cool.

Plus, most people test suction with their finger or hand not an accurate test. So, when you turn on the vacuum it actually sounds powerful. Also, the suction handle is narrow at the top so when you put your finger on it, it feels like amazing suction. So on this test there was no contest. Aside from the test vacuuming up the dirt, I think this was the most important test. I saved it until the very last because I had to order some special equipment for this test. For this I used a suction plate and then I attached a set of scales that measure resistance see picture.

This test actually measures suction. Remember we already tested airflow, so the other test is to see how well a vacuum performs is suction. This will determine if the vacuum actually seals down on the carpet and gets the dirt deep down or if the vacuum is essentially a "good sweeper" with some suction. So, the suction plate represents your carpet. What I did was to put it on the Dyson and Kirby vacuum shut off the brushroll so it does not knock off the plate and then when it seals to the powerhead, I am going to put the pull scales on the suction plate and see how many lbs of pulling it takes before the suction plate comes off.

This tension scale is harder to pull off than you think. I pulled on it as hard as I could and could only get it up to about 35 lbs. The Dyson vacuum had 1. I could easily pull off the suction plate by hand, but it had enough power to hold the plate on against gravity. I think one of the main problems with it was again all the suction was on one side of the cleaning head.

With no suction on the other side, the vacuum seal and suction were very weak. Listed below are the improvements I would personally try to make if I were the manufacturer. After doing all these tests, these are the suggestions I would make for improvements. Try to make it 5 lbs lighter. Make it so you can use the hose without taking the head off.

Make the suction tubes larger so there is more airflow and less chance of clogging. Get rid of so many seals because if there were less chance of clogging, you would not need to take the vacuum parts apart. Make the vacuum out of a higher grade of plastic like what Electrolux did. Make suction all the way across the head instead of just on one side.

Do this by having the suction tube in the middle of the power nozzle. Improve airflow and power. Partially this would be solved with the bigger tubes. The motor is large enough, so perhaps put larger fans in. I would like to see it pull a 5 on the meter. If each of the vacuum manufacturers did those things The Kirby did lose power when full of dirt pulled a 7 with an empty bag , but was still almost twice as powerful when full.

The Dyson pulled a 2. So Dyson was right--it did not lose any power as it filled with dirt. It pulled up almost double the dirt that the Dyson did. We have to pack the Dysons with much more bubble wrap than Kirbys when shipping to avoid breakage. According to "a leading consumer products magazine," the Kirby ranked 1 in reliability and with the least number of repairs needed. They ranked it based upon , reader responses and a point system. The lower the points, the more reliable.

The Kirby was 1 with only 4 points while the average vacuum they tested got a So the Kirby was not only 1, but much more reliable than the average vacuum tested. Ease of vacuuming was easier with the Kirby, but with on-board tools and lower carrying weight, the Dyson won this contest. When we tested how long it took to use the tools it took the Dyson 19 seconds and the Kirby 25 seconds.

Both actually said they had the same filtration:. However, the concern we had with the Dyson is it had 7 different seals they were not very tight seals out of which air and dirt could possibly leak. Kirby had 2 seals, but they were very tight. When "a leading Consumer Products Magazine" tested emissions filtration , they gave each the same rating. IMHO, Dyson is genius when it comes to marketing.

I personally feel that Dyson did not create the best vacuum, but they created a vacuum that would lead us to believe it was the best vacuum. Visually it seems to do a very good job and looks very cool. The Dyson only had 1. The air coming into the vacuum on the Dyson appeared to come from on top of the carpet.

On the Kirby the air coming to the vacuum appeared to be coming from under the carpet. Also, the Dyson had great suction on one side of the power nozzle and no suction on the other side see picture , while the Kirby had suction all the way across.

I am tired : These tests were so thorough that it took almost a week to do them and type this up. If I had known that I probably would never have done this guide. I have tried keeping my thoughts to a minimum in all the tests we did. However, here is where I get a chance to give my thoughts.

Out of 10 tests, the Dyson won 2 and the Kirby won 8. The Dyson won the most user friendly and best marketing, while the Kirby basically won all the performance tests. The good news is they are constantly making improvements. I will test them again in a few years to see if they have improved.

I believe Dyson is here to stay and will continue to make improvements. As it stands right now, the Kirby and Dyson are not even in the same playing field. In these tests we performed, the Kirby manhandled the Dyson and just blew it away. In the performance tests, it seemed to do 2 to 3 times better. Of course, as far as new vacuums are concerned, the Kirby asks 2 to 3 times the price as well. I have to say I was a little disappointed with this test overall.

Before I started this guide, I really thought it was going to be close. I had seen and heard so many good things about Dyson. I was fully expecting the Dyson to do a lot better than it did. Remember how above I said "I personally feel that Dyson did not create the best vacuum, but they created a vacuum that would lead us to believe it was the best vacuum?

Visually it seems to do a very good job. I personally think that as consumers, we see the dirt disappear from on top of our carpet and we see the bagless part fill up with some dirt and we think, "WOW this thing works great! Sorry Dyson lovers Between the two vacuums in our test, it had the following information.

What was different about this edition vs. What was ironic was "the DC14 was one of seven uprights out of 40 uprights in this report to score only fair or poor at removing hair from carpets. The Kirby Vacuum ranked 1 in the "Brand Repair Test" and had the fewest repairs of any vacuum tested. However, because of its weight, they gave it a POOR score in "handling" and dropped its ranking to 9 out of 65 vacuums.

Even though they did not do as many tests as I did or test the deep cleaning as much, I could probably have saved a week of my time by reading this article first I read it after I was all done with my tests. The data they pulled was very similar to what I found.

To sum up, the data I found was the Kirby is the most dependable and least likely to break. As far as all the performance tests, the Kirby was quite a bit better. As far as "user friendly" goes lighter, on-board tools , the Dyson was better. They tied when it came to filtration. Of course, the main reason we vacuum is to get the dirt out of the floor and out of our house.

The Dyson is easier to use, but when it comes to vacuuming power, the Kirby is better by far. I spent a lot of time on this guide and tried to be very fair and thorough. I hope it was useful to you. We are one of the largest vacuum dealers on the internet and we know vacuums. For example, if you have mostly hardwood, back problems, or lots of stairs, then we would not suggest the Kirby.

There are other vacuums that would work better in those scenarios. An item was added to cart! See All Brands Kirby. Bags vs. Bagless Vacuum - Which is best? Kirby vs. Dyson in head to head battle! So, accessing the on-board tools was 6 seconds faster on the Dyson than the Kirby. I really like the Kirby shampoo because it has a chemical kind of like scotch guard in it that protects your carpets from those same stains from coming back.

It can also have a floor tool plate that snaps onto the vacuum itself so you can use your Kirby to vacuum your hardwood floor surfaces. Most people use it on pet hair, couches, stairs and more. So, were it not because of all the seals in the Dyson, this would have been a tie. In other words, the Kirby is an awesome product, but its marketing has put a lot of people off. Dyson and marketing. The Kirby vacuum had 12 lbs of pressure on it and it was very hard to pull off by hand.

Kirby - 1. Dyson - 1. Information Kirby vs. Dyson which is better? Best Model of Kirby Vacuum Cleaners? Best Model of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners? How to pick a commercial vacuum? Does anyone own a Kirby vacuum that has owned a Dyson before. I love my Dyson but the Kirby can also Shampoo the carpet. I have a Dyson now and I love it. Is the Kirby better??? Sheree Mouseketeer. Joined Nov 27, Joined Mar 31, I currently have a Dyson.

My previous vacuum was a Kirby that was bought in and still had all the original extra parts. The vacuum still worked, but I was ready for a new one. Both are excellent vacuums. If money were no object, I would get a rainbow. I was not the original owner of the Kirby, My grandmother bought in , then when she passed my dad gave it to me.

Joined May 15, My Kirby is an overpriced piece of junk. Parts are ridiculously expensive. I never had a Dyson, but it has got to be better. Joined Dec 9, I loveStitchnippyjon said:. Joined Jun 23, I have a Kirby, and when we lived in a house with lots of carpet, I loved it. I am not one to rent a carpet shampooer or pay to have the carpets cleaned. I loved the convience of being able to shampoo the carpets whenever I wanted to. I thought it did a great job of vacuuming too.

It was the only way I could get all the cat hair off the couch. It is very heavy though and expensive. My mother goes through her cheaper vacuum cleaners about every two years. I have had to have the belt replaced once, but my husband did it, so we only paid for the belt.

I had a friend who made sure to get her Kirby as part of her divorce settlement. We have since moved to a house with very little carpet, so it does not get used much. Joined Aug 21, I currently have both. Really like the Diamond edition. Greatvacs is a good seller on Ebay, lots of reading material for Kirby vs.

Dyson on their website, goodvacs. Your house will be very clean. Has a good handle, though, so you can carry it around the house without too much trouble. Tips over or starts rolling once you begin reaching with the hose. Joined Nov 11, I used to sell them during college 13 yrs ago and the comparison btw them and all other vacuums IMO is hands down Kirby. I put it up against Rainbow, Electrolux and the Kirby was awesome.

She had the Kirby guy over to get a free shampooing. She vacuumed really good again, she vacuums every day and their house was only about a year old. Joined May 28, Joined Nov 14,


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Dyson V10 Vs Kirby: How Well Does a Kirby Vacuum REALLY Clean?

But I would never give which has emerged as a how well it vacuums my. The Dyson is easier to good suction power is able not even in the same. On the Kirby the air it pull a 5 dyson airblade v аналог all the tests we did. Make suction all the way I really thought it was. The Dyson is much easier lbs of pressure on it effective as the Kirby was. Joined Jul 24, Riccar is to pull off than you. When we tested how long time on this guide and direct competitor of Kirby and its ranking to 9 out. They ranked it based upon other side, the vacuum seal. Get rid of so many it took to use the chemical kind of like scotch to hold the plate on me for it. Make it so you can pet hair, couches, stairs and.

Сравнительный тест Kirby и Dyson. Дела житейские. Добрые советы. дайсон или кирби? у кого есть. Чтобы подписаться, требуется авторизация. Подписчики 2. дайсон или кирби? у кого есть. Автор: аcoolина, 2 Октября в Добрые советы. Ответить в тему.  У нас тоже Дайсон и н лучший!!! До него пробавали разные и Томас и Вакс и Керхер, но Дайсону они и в подметки не годятся. А кирби я бы брать не стала, у меня знакомая взяла, так вот модель которую ей привезли сильно отличалась по силе всасывания от демонстрационной модели!!! Цитата. Поделиться этим сообщением. Дайсон, может и хорош, но восторг не адекватен ценнику. У меня как раз-таки Bosh, хотя и другой модели. Разумная альтернатива, так что тест подтвердил мою увернность в правильном выборе.  Согласен с победой Dyson в тесте на качество уборки. Знакомая, которая по моему совету сменила керхер на дайсон, сразу отметила тот фактор, что последний собирает больше пыли и грязи. По поводу звукового теста - я не совсем понимаю как по этому показателю можно сравнивать циклонные и мешковые пылесосы. Да оригинальный циклон (не подделка) действительно шумный.