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Dyson triggerhead

Мы найдем! Свернуть Развернуть. Выберите предложение по цене. Отправка транспортной компанией "СДЭК" до пукнта выдачи вашего города. Пункт выдачи указывайте в комментарии к заказу. Итого, включая доставку. В корзину. Чтобы купить Купить Насадка щетка турбо Triggerhead для пылесоса Dyson DC в Москве : цена, характеристики в магазине Амтеа в Москве Вам необходимо выбрать необходимое количество товара на ближайшем складе и нажать кнопку "В Корзину".

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Турбощетка Dyson Triggerhead разборная Код товара: В наличии. Характеристики Вес г Код производителя Для каких пылесосов подходит Информация о соответствии товара технике носит ознакомительный характер и требует дополнительной проверки. Набор Allergy Kit Dyson для домашней уборки.

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Morocco South Africa. Triggerhead brushbar. Most searched for Promotions V11 vacuum Airwrap hairstyler Battery. Home Triggerhead brushbar. This seems to indicate what you are thinking; a lack in power is available to spin the brush head. This could be caused by any number of reasons.

The first would be a worn out or poorly lubricated piece in the mechanisms that spin the brush. The second could be that the valve assembly is not making a proper seal Parts in Steps 14? Or lastly, the vacuum itself is not providing enough suction check for blocked airways or worse, a failing vacuum.

The easiest place to start is by removing tubing pieces and angle pieces from the assembly to reduce the amount of components that could be inhibiting airflow. Also check that the red-seal of the valve is pressed up against the clear plastic when the unit is running this is when the airway is opened for spinning the brush. Then I would proceed with systematically taking apart the trigger head and perform some tests on the operability of each component.

This will be somewhat challenging as you will have no baseline to determine if things are operating properly, so keep your eyes wide open and think through how you think each component should work. Much appreciated. Again, this is a great page and I wish all DIY were as clear as this.

Well done! No problem. Keep me posted on what you find or if you need additional help troubleshooting. Well, I took the unit apart, and I believe I found the problem. If you look at step 15, the picture on the right, you will see a "membrane" that is attached to the inlet plastic part on the left and glued to the white ring.

The glue gave up and this membrane is now only partly attached to the white ring, so now suction power is less powerful due to the leak. I will try to glue it back, hopefully restoring the full suction power to be delivered to the gear. Excellent breakdown. I got to the last step and you left me hanging though lol.

Any suggestions? Never mind! Found some WD40 and that did the trick! Thank you very much! I never stripped it down past the steps above. It stopped turning again tonight and I thought maybe the bearings seized up again. I took the brush out and the little toothed ear or whatever spins fine.

I even tried some lock pliers and only managed to scratch up the brush cap. Omg any help will surely get you another donation haha. You are right. The brush and the brush cap do not lock together. A receiver hole metal in the brush cap slides over a pin metal on the brush. Something may have jammed in there or one of the pieces deformed? Immersing them in WD40 or something that can break down grime may be another option. In this photo you can see that some grime and hair fibers have collected in the brush cap.

Hope this helps. Thanks again, Most helpful. Shame on you for fixing such a useful tool. Glad the guide helped. That is awesome and thanks for the compliments. My problem appears to be the valve step is fully retracting red gizmos pressed against the clear window , opening the bypass step 12 and depriving the turbine of airflow.

To my untrained eye, the moving piece of the valve appears cockeyed when relaxed, but flat when retracted. It appears the valve is more fully retracted than it should be. Seems like the valve to plunger guide is broken or the plunger is broken. Guessw I need to tear down to see. As I slide the brush-head into the hose fitting, with the vacuum running, the brush drive starts spinning, but when I complete the connection, the valve closes and the brush drive stops. I am deeply grateful for this illustrated tear-down.

Information is always half the battle. In my case, the brush suddenly stopped spinning when in contact with the rug. Thanks for this! A bit nerve racking when you have to pry the belt cover off, but it worked out great. Thanks again! I am having trouble putting the spring back from step 5a back in.

I put the spring in while holding the rig in such a manner that the spring was vertical. It was positioned perfectly and then I used a pair of tweezers to worry the spring into position. Important: be patient and have a good work space so that you can track and locate the spring when it pops out during this process. I think those are all good pieces of advice.

I imagine I first put the spring into the circular cavity of the "receiver" component, then placed the "receiver" into position like in step 5a as these pictures are actually taken during the reassembly , and finally compressed the spring until it slid into place.

Wow : This is an incredible collection of ideas! Waiting for more helpful pieces. You would amazing to read a similar one here- battery mode on. You would amazing to read a similar one here- besttoolsbrand. Introduction For lack of a better place for me to post this instructional, I have taken to placing it on my blog.

This blog is more geared toward my passion of multimedia immersion. The type that takes you out of you surroundings and envelops you to a whole new experience. Dyson DC Triggerhead Teardown. With a screw driver or quarter, gently unlock the brush removal cover and remove the brush.

Lift the brush removal opening over the edge of the floor guard and remove. Remove the six 6 T10 Torx screws from the Housing Cover. When putting the unit back together, ensure you slide the tab under the Brush Gearing Cover. Remove the one Torx smaller than T10, T7? This screw is smaller in diameter than the six you removed from the Housing Cover. To remove the Brush Gearing Cover, gently lift the tab on the one side and pry the plastic away from the lip on the otherside.

Be gentle! Remove the two Torx smaller than T10, T7? Remove the belt by orienting the exposed teeth to where the belt first meets the Brush Gear. Lift the belt off the teeth and then rotate the gear so the exposed teeth pass through the channel until the belt has been removed. Remove the clear plastic tube by pulling off each end. Remove the screw holding the Valve into the base with a T10 torx wrench. You see my attempt at cutting away at the plastic to fit other tools before I found the wrench.

To remove the valve, first we need to lift it off its seat by pulling away and up from the outside edge. From here we can remove the rest of the unit out of the base by tilting the entire assembly out of place. When putting back everything back together be mindful of the hose opening and rubber seals and how they should rest in the base. The rubber seal is easily removed by lifting the edge over the plastic lip. Remove two torx screws smaller the T10, all I know.

Lift up on the tab to remove the two components. I unfortunately broke mine. I broke my in the process, but it was still reusable. Then using the same trick as in Step 6 , work the belt off of the larger gear. Remove the gear by inserting a small flat-head under the edge and lightly twisting back and forth to work it off.

At no point does it make sense to pry because the plastic will crack. Manually trying to spin the shaft was difficult, but I eventually got it to free up. There was still some roughness in the motion. My lack of experience tells me that a bearing might have went. After reassembling the unit, I hooked it up to the vacuum, turned it on and away it went.

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