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Terminator 2 dyson


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When the police arrive to investigate the attack on CyberDyne, Dyson is struck by gunfire. His wounds are fatal and he urges the Connors to flee while he sets off the bomb in the lab. He sits beside the bomb, holding a broken piece of a model of the Terminator CPU above the triggering mechanism. When the SWAT team find him sitting by the bomb, gasping what will be his last breaths, Dyson urges them to get out before he gasps his final breath and drops his arm on the bomb trigger.

Start a Wiki. Miles Benett Dyson is a supporting character in Terminator 2: Judgment Day who plays a pivotal role in the events of the whole Terminator saga. He wants so badly to share the almost orgasmic thrill of discovery, the satisfaction of creation. You told me. It thinks and learns like we do. Other computer are pocket calculators by comparison. He holds up his thumb and index finger She picks up the prototype. DYSON Imagine a jetline with a pilot that never makes a mistake, never gets tired, never shows up to work with a hangover.

Why did we have these two children? Your heart and your mind are in here. He takes the anodized box from her hands and sets it down. Then he puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her gently. She acquiesces to his kiss. Tarissa glances over his shoulder. She nods her head toward the doorway to the study. Dyson turns and sees their two kids standing there. Danny 6 and Blythe 4 look rumpled and adorable in their PJs.

Dyson wilts at their hopeful expressions. Dyson grins. The forces of darkness have lost this round. He holds out his hands and his kids run to him, cheering. CUT TO:.