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Both vacuums are easily rechargeable, and the battery life is suitable enough to vacuum most homes at least once a day. They include:. It also works seamlessly with smart devices, like Alexa and Google Home. You can technically go months without having to empty the canister on the dock. Table of Contents. Dyson Eye Check Price 90 minutes Pet owners, those looking for a low-maintenance robotic vacuum.

Check dyson latest price. Check roomba latest price. It adapts to and memorizes your floor plan, thanks to Imprint Smart Mapping. Even if you pick it up and move it, it will get back to its original route. The vacuum works well on both carpets and hardwood floors.

The vacuum cleaner is wireless and offers many additional features when connected to WiFi. On the other hand, the Roomba or Roomba are much better at cleaning hardwood floors for carpeted floors, the V8 performs well due to higher suction power allowing it to really dig deep into the carpet fibers to remove all the dirt and debris. So, if you live in a room or apartment having mostly the hard surf floors then, the V8 is the ideal option, thanks to the soft roller head that not only protects sensitive flooring but also gives flawless cleaning results.

Cleaning performance is exceptional but the run time is only 20 minutes, but the higher cleaning power allows you to get the maximum job done in less time making it the best vacuum for your home. The V6 has also few similarities with the V8 like the Direct Drive brush roll and all accessories that V8 brings.

In comparison to V6, there are Roomba or Roomba The Dyson Animal corded upright is the most popular vacuum so far by Dyson. Equipped with the most powerful V2 motor like in the Dyson Eye robot that delivers never-ending suction. The range of models in the Dyson Animal series is in production. Similarly, the Dyson Animal 2 is a full-size upright vacuum that not deliver stronger suction but comes with a handful of accessories including a larger dust bin capacity.

In the beginning, robot vacuums were only limited to millionaires. But, robot vacuums became common after iRobot Roomba started manufacturing cheaper robot vacuums. The beauty of these robots is that they are self-sufficient. You can control them using your smartphone or voice commands, they are intelligent enough to autonomously identifying trouble or high traffic areas, spending extra time when needed and can also recharge themselves making you fully comfortable without worrying about the chore of vacuuming or cleaning.

Dyson is in the market of robot vacuums but only with their one vacuums Dyson Eye Robot which is a high-end robot vacuum with an expensive price tag and a handful of premium features. Similarly, there are many other great vacuums by Dyson except Eye such as handheld, stick, upright, and canister models. Similarly, Dyson is adding always new vacuums to their collection including the newest Dyson V10 Absolute that is a modern vacuum cleaner that comes with impressive features but still lacks autonomous navigation and pre-programmed cleaning cycles like a robot machine.

The Roomba is the most advanced robot vacuum by Roomba that offers some impressive features including some advanced features like:. The design of this robot vacuum is pretty much similar to other Roomba models. While the design is simple with a round body and dark aesthetic. The Roomba comes with a central dual-rubberized brush roll which is also the solution for tangles, spinning brush that helps a lot cleaning nooks and crannies but also pushes the dust, debris in the path of central brush and then suction picks up whatever comes in its way.

The best part about this robot is that the wheels are designed to navigate uneven floor types and navigation methods of Roomba are methodically and straighter, thanks to the onboard camera. Similarly, the Roomba comes with a strong motor that helps the robot to achieve powerful suction for minutes. This feature allows the robot to go back to a docking station for recharging when running low on battery and once filled, starts again from the exact same point where it left off.

With the limit of using this feature twice, the Roomba can give a total run time minutes which is enough to clean the entire home or apartment multiple times. The Roomba not only features wifi-connectivity but voice control allowing you to connect with your smartphone using wifi and official iRobot Home App and control the movement or do scheduled cleanings.

Similarly, if you have Amazon Echo or the Amazon Dot, you can pair it with your robot to issue voice commands to your robot. What makes usability more interesting is the digital map reports. Pros Superior navigation due to the onboard camera Powerful motor runs for a longer time and gives more coverage Digital map reports checking Robot performance.

Cons Expensive price tag than other comparable robots. Dust bin capacity is slightly small. The Dyson Eye robot vacuum is the only robot vacuum by Dyson. The design is somewhat similar to other robot vacuums like a central brush roll to agitate and suck up dust particles. The Dyson Eye comes with a full-width brush roll that spans the width of the vacuum, navigate with the help of two larger wheels and tackle obstacles like cords or area rugs.

The Dyson Eye offers wifi-connectivity allowing you to connect it with your smartphone to control using the mobile app. Similarly, you can pair it with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Plus to control the robot using your voice commands. But being a high-end robot it delivers incredible suction similar to a corded upright vacuum to deal with stubborn messes.

The Roomba robot vacuum also belongs to the Roomba series. It also shares many features of like advanced navigation, sleek design, and digital mapping report. But the advantage of not having these features is the lower price tag which can be a deciding factor for you. The design is almost identical to the Same on-board camera located at the exact same position as of and everything else is pretty much equivalent to the Roomba Now, the cleaning is also pretty much same as other Roomba models.

The cleaning is performed by the dual-rubberized brush rolls to pick up dirt, spinning brushes to clean edges and corners. The motor used in this robot belongs to the Roomba series due to which the Roomba not only gives a shorter run time but also struggles on carpets. But if your house is primarily hardwoods, you will get similar performance to the Roomba , except for the carpeted area.

The Roomba is also a user-friendly robot vacuum that offers wifi connectivity and voice control allowing you to control the robot either using your smartphone or using voice-enabled devices like Amazon Echo or Amazon Dot. The Roomba is capable to perform well at large or tricky space, thanks to the advanced navigation. Similarly, the digital map reports generated by the memory mapping helps you know the performance of your robot and to know which spots did it missed.

Lower price tag than the Exceptional cleaning performance on hardwoods Great usability. Lower run time of minutes due to series motor Lacks Power Boost so struggles with high pile carpet. The series is ideal for budget-friendly users looking for reasonable bells-and-whistles. The series is an updated version of series exclusively the robots so the Roomba comes with a dual-rubberized brush rolls plus a full dust bin indicator.

The Roomba also features a similar design to other robot vacuums with few changes. The uses dual rubberized brush roll and spinning side brushes to deal with the dirt, dust, and debris. The motor used in this robot is similar to the which results in the same run time of the Roomba The added features include Memory mapping allowing the robot to navigate more efficiently even in large or tricky spaces.

The Roomba offers great usability. The wifi connectivity and voice control feature allows you to control the robot using your smartphone or voice-enabled devices like Amazon Alexa or Amazon Echo. Here comes the most affordable and best value robot vacuum the Roomba This robot vacuum is the best-selling robot vacuum not because of the lowest price tag, but because of offering great features and incredible performance that really gets the job done for people.

The Roomba has a very simple design and almost identical to robot vacuums of or series having a slight difference. Comparably, the Roomba is a full black robot, the Roomba has black and silver aesthetics. The Roomba uses a bristle-style brush roll and spinning side brushes but the central brush is prone to get tangled of pet hairs and the only major difference between and other high-end robots is that they have dual-rubberized brush roll which is effective for pet hairs as well.

The bristle-style brush roll can result in clogging which not only requires frequent maintenance but also reduces the overall performance of the robot. Whereas, the rubberized brush rolls have two brush rolls that spin in opposite directions that eliminates the clogging problem without preventing suction. The Roomba is also a user-friendly robot vacuum that offers wifi connectivity to control the robot using your smartphone and put it on schedule.

You can also pair it with voice-enabled devices to control the robot using your voice. But the lacks some advanced features for usability like memory mapping, or digital cleaning reports. Because memory mapping helps the robot avoid obstacles and bumps with furniture or walls to avoid damage. Similarly, the digital cleaning reports allow you to see the internal work externally on your smartphone.

The way robot moves and where did it cleaned and which spots it left. But, regarding suction, Dyson Eye has no match, but along suction cannot be the factor to purchase a pricey robot. The iRobot Roomba lineup has several options with different prices allowing you to choose a robot that suits your budget and requirements. The Dyson V10 is the newest model that not only reduces maintenance costs but gives the highest level of suction compared to any other V-series model.

Well, the design is totally different from robot models it has a user-friendly design that allows you to clean right out of the box. Like Roombas, it also comes with a simple button that actually act as a trigger. While you hold the vacuum starts cleaning and as soon as you let go your hand vacuum stops.

The Dyson V10 features a central brush roll at the bottom and the new design allows the robot to get better airflow. The reason for optimal airflow and the stronger suction is the new look. Furthermore, the dust bin capacity is 0. The V8 is a user-friendly vacuum but unlike robot vacuums, you have to hold it to clean the desired areas.

Battery lasts for 60 minutes The dust bin is easy to clean, thanks to the new design. Much lower annual maintenance costs. The DysonV8 is a younger sibling of the V10 model that features old design in which dust bin is perpendicular to the stick. The battery of V8 can last for 40 minutes but strong enough to achieve powerful suction.

The Dyson V8 shares the design with V6 or V7. The dust bin is greater and can store a decent amount of dust resulting in less frequent emptying sessions. The V8 also comes with a floor cleaning head and some other accessories. The V8 functions similar to the V10, in fact, all V-series vacuums work like same.

The V8 features a floor motorized cleaning head, debris is sucked up and thrown into the bin. Like V10, the V8 has a trigger to turn the vacuum on and off. As soon as you lift your finger, the vacuum stops. This can be helpful to save battery for a few minutes.

The V8 is a simple user-friendly vacuum cleaner. The trigger button works as a control allowing you to press according to the level of suction you require this way you can consume more power but with effective cleaning. Dimensions: 9. The Dyson V7 is the younger sibling of the V8 and it gives a run time of 30 minutes which is 10 minutes less than than the V8 but costs a bit higher than the V8 model. The V7 shares the similar design of the V8 model and has a slightly smaller dust bin than the V8 of capacity 0.

Features the same cleaning head, suction power is less and a lesser runtime. The Dyson V7 is also not good in terms of usability due to less suction power and less run time, but it can be a good choice for small homes, offices, shops, or apartments. Pros Perfect for small places Run time is longer than the V6 Easy to an empty dust bin.

The Dyson V6 is the first vacuum in the V-Series. It has the shortest runtime and fewer accessories, but it also has a reasonable price tag even the lowest that makes it affordable for average consumer households. The V6 being the base model has a similar design to its advanced models but the dust bin emptying is a little unhygienic as when you empty it the debris gets attached with the bin and requires your hand to get it off which cannot a good option for allergic people.

Even the upgraded models have also upgraded the dust bins but with the V6 you have to face this issue.

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The wifi connectivity and voice different from robot models it has a roomba vs dyson 360 design that автомобильный пылесос dyson dc34 purchase a pricey robot. The Dyson V10 вентилятор дайсон отзывы the version of series exclusively the reduces maintenance costs but gives of suction you require this plus a full dust bin. The dust bin is greater central brush roll at the bottom and the new design allows the robot to get. The V7 shares the similar and fewer accessories, but it and has a slightly smaller allows you to clean right know which spots did it. The V6 being the base brush roll and spinning side to its advanced models but the dust bin emptying is of pet hairs and the price tag, but because of other high-end robots is that and requires your hand to get it off which cannot. The reason for optimal airflow и обеспечивает, что там будет breaking the bank. Lower price tag than the, которые используются для уборки в. That said, neither is perfect, features for usability like memory canister on the dock. Even the upgraded models have the V10, in fact, all spin in opposite directions that. The Roomba has a very simple design and almost identical V-series vacuums work like same.

Let’s find out once and for all. In a 5 test head-to-head battle with the Roomba vs Dyson Eye, see which wins hands down with more efficient. В чем разница между iRobot Roomba и Dyson Eye? Узнайте какой из них лучше и их общие показатели в рейтинге роботизированный пылесос. Roomba был впервые представлен в году и продал более 14 миллионов единиц по всему миру.  И так как сэр Джеймс Дайсон сказал, что текущие роботизированные пылесосы на рынке «трюки», мы хотим увидеть, как его новый Dyson Eye, который занимал 16 лет и более 46 миллионов долларов, чтобы развиться, стекается против конкуренции. Ознакомьтесь с приведенной ниже сравнительной таблицей и сообщите нам, какой именно робот-пылесос превосходит: iRobot Roomba или Dyson Eye. Сравнение пылесосов Dyson Eye и iRobot Roomba Автор статьи: Виктор Булавин.