dyson vs bosch

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Dyson vs bosch


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Ein wichtiger Aspekt eines jeden Staubsaugers ist die Entleerung. Das ist vielleicht tolles Muskeltraining, aber nicht nutzerfreundlich. Das muss leicht funktionieren, damit es nicht nur jeder versteht, sondern auch keine halbe Stunde dauert. Damit kann fast jeder ohne Anstrengungen einen Marathon saugen.

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Bild: Bosch, Roborock. Welcher Akkustaubsauger ist der beste? Waving it felt a bit like brandishing a magic wand. In all honesty, however, the weakest setting sucks up all but the most tenacious of carpet dwelling grime. B uy now. I n terms of design, the Bosch Unlimited was my favourite. Speaking of the vacuum settings, the turbo was as powerful as anything I tried, but rather noisy. The normal setting works absolutely fine, though not quite as impressive as the Dyson.

But if your pet constantly sleeps in the same area, leaving thick layers of hair, you do need to pass over a couple of times before it all goes. One other minor grievance was a slightly fiddly dust box. Overall, the Bosch will clean your house exceptionally, but there are just a couple of little things that set the Dyson apart. Buy now.

T he only bagged cordless vacuum cleaners I tried were made by Gtech. The bags holds 1. Its handle is comfortable, and on both carpet and wood it does the job. O ne interesting feature is an LED headlight that means you can vacuum in the dark, should you wish, but is probably better suited to cleaning dark cupboards or under beds. The Vax Blade 2, however, is powerful on its highest setting, though noisy, too. M ade famous by Instagram cleanfluencer Mrs Hinch, Shark vacuums are the latest and arguably greatest trend to sweep the vacuuming world.

On this particular model, Anti Hair Wrap Technology actually actively removes hair from the brush-roll as its cleans, with two brush rolls in the head that work together. The vacuum can also transform from an upright cleaner to a handheld one, which is handy when cleaning stairs or tall nooks. T his Gtech vacuum is the streamlined option. Putting it together was a bit of a faff, but once everything was clipped up that was easily forgotten.

Having said that, this is without doubt a good hoover. The USP is the handle, though. It can extend to any height you require, meaning you can hoover table tops or under sofas. The handle can even be removed, allowing you to hold the base like a brush while vacuuming. In the blurb, Gtech believe this vacuum cleaner is "the smallest, most compact high performance vacuum cleaner in the world.

Over the past few years, however, they have improved dramatically. Rather than doing one big clean a week, with cordless vacuums, users can hoover in short, sharp bursts. D uring this review I found stick vacuums incredibly versatile. Most consist of a main body, with a comfortable handle and an on and off button. A good cordless vacuum cleaner should come with further attachments like crevice tools for skirting and other tight corners; dusting brushes; and a docking and charging station.

You could use a brush for table tops, for example.