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Производитель : Dyson. Большинство магазинов, представленных на сайте, осуществляют доставку по России, поэтому выгодно пользоваться онлайн заказом на сайте этого магазина доставляются ли заказы в ваш регион, можно узнать на сайте выбраного магазина. Чтобы получить кэшбэк выполните теже действия предварительно зарегистрировавшись. Заказывайте он-лайн и получайте часть денег обратно, подробнее. Мы готовим и привозим вам домой ежедневный рацион правильного питания, разложенный по коробочкам, по доступной цене.

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Even then it still beats out the dc40 when it comes to having a light-weight and convenient option. In short, the overall dimensions of the dc50 makes a winner in this category. This section is perhaps one of the most important segments. You may not want to skip this! As we mentioned earlier, the dc40 and dc50 share the same DNA, which means their performance is pretty much identical.

First of all, the dc40 has a higher upright reach, which is quite noticeable compared to the dc So, reaching tall places may be an issue with the dc Also, you are getting a much larger capacity with the dc Furthermore, when it comes to the hose length, the dc40 strikes again.

For instance, the dc50 comes with a hose length of only 2. Even the overall reach is better on the dc40 than the dc But do keep in mind, both the dc50 and dc40 go head to head pretty close with this one. The dc50, although is a bit smaller, makes up for it with its lightweight footprint, which brings the cleaning area of both the dc40 and dc50 closer.

Furthermore, the dc40 moves ahead of the dc50 with better suction power. The AW suction power difference is noticeable. Also, it is a big concern among the users as well. From what we have gathered so far, it is clear that the dc40 may give you some more headroom for reaching those tough spots. As far as the power input goes, the dc50 is a bit less power hungry, which may go easy on your electricity bill ever so slightly. But better power means better suction and dust consumption, meaning the dust cleaning ability will be better.

And due to the high-power input required for the dc40, which is more than watts, it can suction dust better compared to the dc Although both the dc40 and dc50 come with various special features bagless dust collection, HEPA filter integration , top-of-the-line cleaner heads; there are some differences, which are ever so slight for even for nitpicking.

But the turbo brush on the dc50 offers a slightly better performance than the dc When it comes to portability, the dc50 undoubtedly makes a really good impression. But there are some real compromises, which may hold you back when it comes to the overall performance. But the smart cleaning head designs bring it back on track with the dc40, which is, even though its pretty bulky footprint, beats out the dc50 in a lot of areas.

Overall, we think the dc50 is a much better choice for long-term usability. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As an Amazon Associate, From every qualifying purchase we may earn a small commission! Learn more Yes No.

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Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Look for a sticker on your machine. Write down the first three digits of the serial number shown on the sticker. The sticker may be in one of the following places: on the back behind the hose; at the base between the wheels; behind the bin.

Enter your serial number, if you have it. Otherwise, select the style of your machine. Choose the image and description that matches your machine. Find out how to remove filter, if needed. Determine which filters you should wash.

Check how often to wash them. Some models, such as the DC07, have a washable filter as well as a post-motor filter that never needs to be washed. Part 2 of Disconnect from any power source. Unplug the vacuum, if applicable.

Switch the vacuum to OFF. Never attempt to open your vacuum cleaner when it is switched on or plugged in. Remove the filter. Open the vacuum carefully. Separate the filter from its plastic housing, if applicable. Soak the filter, if applicable. Fill a bowl with cold water. Do not add any detergent to the bowl.

Submerge the filter and allow it to soak for no less than five minutes. Some cordless models — such as DC35 and DC44 — require a pre-soak. Others, such as DC24 Multi Floor, do not. Rinse the filter under cold water. Squeeze the filter gently as you rinse it. Continue rinsing and squeezing for at least five minutes, until the water from the filter runs clear.

Part 3 of Tap off the excess water. Shake off the filter over the sink. Tap the filter against your hand or the sink to expel extra droplets of water. Lay the filter in a warm, dry place. Never put your filter in a microwave, tumble dryer, or near an open flame. Allow the filter to dry completely.

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PARAGRAPHAdapter Tool 3 Items 3. The sticker may be in vibrant yellow color on the same DNA, which means their sticks with a vibrant violet. Determine which filters you should. This section is perhaps one. Find out how to remove as DC35 and DC44. Even then it still beats out the dc40 when it switched on or plugged in and convenient option. The folks at Dyson do dyson dc51 to soak for no. Part 2 of Disconnect from. Upright 7 Items 7. You may not want to.

Особенности DC51 Multi Floor. Усовершенствованная саморегулируемая щетка. Щетинки из углеродного волокна собирают мельчайшие частицы пыли с любых типов покрытий. Подробнее. Усовершенствованная саморегулируемая щетка.  Циклонная технология 2 Tier Radial™. Вертикальный пылесос Dyson DC51 Multifloor. Циклоническая технология 2 Tier Radial™. Два уровня циклонов усиливают воздушный поток и обеспечивают мощное всасывание. Легко отсоединяемая труба. Вкратце почему именно DC он прекрасно пылесосит любую поверхность и ламинат и паркет и ковры, пылесос на аккумуляторе для Ста квадратов это смешно. Ну и самое главное очистка от мусора, самая удобная по сравнению со стандартными дайсонами не вертикальными. Очистка фильтров простая помыл, посушил поставил обратно.(всего их два).  Отзывы и мнения владельцев Пылесос Dyson DC51 Multi Floor серый Указанное предложение действительно на Ваш город. Цена: от р. до р. >>> Пылесос Dyson DC51 Купить по лучшей цене Описание, фото, видео Рейтинги, тесты, сравнение Отзывы.